Campus Life
Both campuses have cafeterias and convenience stores, where students can purchase daily meals and supplies. They are run by qualified licensed owners, offering a variety of food and snacks, such as meals, pasta, Taiwanese snacks, and breakfast. Students can get easy
access to some famous local snacks, including A Po “Iron Egg” (A Po Tie Dan), Oily Bean Curd (A Ge), fish ball soup, fish cookie, Sanchih coba (water bamboo), Rice Meat Dumplings (Va Wan), and duck glass noodles (Ya Ro Dong Fen).
People and Culture
Guandu, a famous attraction in Beitou District of northern Taiwan, is located in the intersection of Tamsui River and Keelung River.
Since ancient times, Guandu wetlands, the only wetland in Taipei, has been the most important habitat for migratory birds in northern Taiwan, where people can find rich and diverse biological resources that forms an estuarine ecosystem..
Guandu campus: Tourist attractions include Beitou Hot Springs, Guandu Nature Park, Bali Left Bank recreation area, Fisherman's
Wharf, Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology, Tamsui Historical Museum (Hong Mao Cheng).Sanchih campus: Tourist attractions
include Waterwheel Park, Sanchih Toursit Information Center, Yuanxing House (President Lee Teng-hui’s old residence), Sanchih
 Little Pigs Tea House, Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Museum, Repulse Bay and Cherry Boulevard.